Prose versus Poetry, structure of


Prose versus Poetry, structure of – Prose is written language whose structure is that of ordinary speech. Prose is opposed to poetry, which is language structured by a scheme other than that of ordinary speech. Such schemes include: Rhyme – Assonance and consonance Rhythm – Accented and unaccented syllables; number of syllables Shape – Where [...]

Phonetics (Sound)

Phonetics (Sound) - There are many phonetic devices whereby sound generates affect (emotion) in the reader—perhaps via an EEK! of excitement (via onomatopoeia—the representation of non-word sounds as letters on the page)—or a moment of mild, moody, Monday-morning monotony at sea while looking longingly out upon the blank, endless, lulling, lurching, leading-nowhere, limitless water (alliteration—the use of [...]