Symbol, levels of


Symbol, levels of - All of our metaphorical ways of relating to aspects within and outside of stories are symbolic: They assume that we can hold in our heads some idea or image which stands in place of some other idea or thing. Symbolic ideas and images represent other ideas and images—letting us write about the search [...]

Symbol, short version

Symbol, short version – A symbol is a sign or group of signs with an agreed upon allegorical meaning. At it’s most basic, a symbol is an image or other element in a story that represents more than itself. For example, “United States of America” literally means “a late capitalist North American democracy/empire inhabited by [...]

Metaphor (All Types) and Archetype

Metaphor (All Types) and Archetype - Metaphor, in general, is our ability to see similarities between at first unrelated things, be they people, places, ideas, objects, cultures, actions—whatever. Metaphorical language is symbolic, in that such language asks us to be able to read one thing and think of some other thing. There are various levels of metaphor. The simile is [...]

Metaphor, short version


Metaphor, short version – Comparing unalike objects, entities, thoughts, places, people. The basis of language and thought. Metaphor flattens two or more objects onto the same plane: E.g., when we read “monkey bars,” in one instant, the mind sees the monkey playing on the bars, the bars of the jail cell, the child on the [...]