Immanence – Wikipedia has an article on this, and the first paragraph of it is pretty much how I read “immanence” in philosophy in general, if “divine” is changed to “real/Being/truth.” I think this article misunderstands the whole issue, however, restricting a search for an immanent/material basis for everything into a mere theological debate. But, hey, it’s a [...]

Ambiguity (Narrative, Symbolic)


Ambiguity (Narrative, Symbolic): Transcendence, Transcendent, Transcendent Signified versus Immanence, Immanent, Immanent Signified – This short exercise in literary theory/philosophy works best if you have drawing implements and a few minutes to think… [Draw picture on board of a box, huge, full of junk. Label "Moby-Dick."] [Draw picture on board of a small, gift-wrapped box, beautiful, [...]